Know the Facts About DUI Offenses

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Frequently asked questions about DUI offenses

Frequently asked questions about DUI offenses

DUI charges are serious, and it’s important to understand what happens once you’ve been charged. Here are eight frequently asked questions about DUI offenses:

  • 1. What is a DUI?
    Driving Under the Influence (DUI) means that you are in control of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • 2. What is a BAC level?
    Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level measures how much alcohol is in your system. Your BAC can determine the severity of your DUI offense.
  • 3. What happens if I'm arrested for DUI?
    You’ll be arrested, you'll have to spend at least 8 hours in jail, and you will be given a court date in the future for an arraingment.  You should contact a lawyer immediately and if you hire the law office of Thomas E. DeMine III, P.A. you will not have to attend the arraingment.   
  • 4. What are common DUI penalties?
    If convicted, a DUI offense in Fort Myers & Cape Coral, FL and the surrounding areas, could lead to stata tutorially required penalities that include:a fine, probation, license suspension, community service and possibly jail time. 
  • 5. Can I lose my driver's license forever?
    License suspension is a common penalty for a DUI offense. Most convictions don’t result in a lifetime suspension, but it is possible.
  • 6. Is DUI a misdemeanor or felony charge?
    This depends on how many times you’ve been convicted of a DUI and the exact circumstances of your charge. 
  • 7. How long will a DUI stay on my driving record?
    This depends on your state laws, in Florida a DUI stays on your record forever. 
  • 8. Will a DUI conviction affect my car insurance?
    Yes, IF you are convicted of a DUI offense, your car insurance provider will view you as a high-risk driver. This status may increase your rates or disqualify you from renewing your policy.

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