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Thomas DeMine III was asked to represent me for a preliminary hearing to get me released from jail on a DUI charge, caused from a allergic reaction from a prescribed Rx. After being released I spoke with Thomas to learn my options. Quick to advise solid legal course of action, understanding of the law and our rights. His demeanor was caring, confident and above a very professional. Thomas was able to have all the charges dismissed and during the process kept you well informed.

Lisbeth McCleaf

Competent and reliable

Thomas DeMine III, is an excellent attorney. He is responsive and thorough exploring all options his client may have. He and his staff communicate well. Leaving messages on voice mail and emailing if necessary, are attended to in a timely manner. I have great confidence in his representation of me.

DUI & DWI client

Tom is a wonderful lawyer!

I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Tom! Our daughter got in trouble with drugs at college and we hired Tom. He is so comforting and truly makes you feel like everything will be fine. He was able to get our daughter on diversion. She messed up again (drinking) and he was able to get her an amazing deal. He has done everything to help get her back in college and he really wants her to succeed and not be effected for the rest of her life because of her bad decisions as a young adult fresh out of her parent’s house. Because of the trust he showed in her and the help he has given her, she is now working to be a positive member of society. Tom was firm with her, but let her know that he was clearly on her side and would do everything to help. Not only is he the most comforting person, but he actually comes through with his promises. I just wish we had a Tom for he rest of the areas in our stressful life! (I didn’t see below where I could choose “drugs” as the type of case, so I put DUI)

Criminal Defense client

Tom DeMine is amazing!

We hired Tom DeMine to represent us and we could not be more thrilled! He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things very well. He is prompt, friendly and we were very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend him and anyone will be lucky to have his services which comes with much compassion.

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